Q: What is STOpp'N'Charge©?
STOpp’N’Charge© refers to Stanbury’s Technology for Opportunity Charging. This advanced Stanbury technology delivers efficient rapid charging of batteries during operational interval breaks by using Stanbury Zip Chargers.



Q: What are the advantages of adopting STOpp’N’Charge© in my company?
A: STOpp’N’Charge© technology comes with both financial and social benefits. This technology allows you to reduce the frequency of battery changing and in many cases, completely eliminate the need for battery change. Eliminating battery changes will mean no need for a battery room, a battery changer or spare batteries to keep your logistics running. It is well known that changing batteries has inherent safety risks. By reducing or eliminating the need to change batteries, you may significantly reduce the probability of related injuries in the workplace.



Q: Is Opportunity Charging good for your batteries?
A: It all depends on the type of charger and the charging technology employed. Opportunity charging can be detrimental to the life of your batteries if older technology chargers are used. Stanbury chargers uses STOpp’N’Charge© technology that is engineered specifically for flooded and sealed cell lead acid batteries. Not only is STOpp’N’Charge© safe for your batteries, it also enables you to effectively restore significant charge to your batteries within a matter of minutes.